Windows 7 goodness.

I have just Installed Windows 7 on my PC and I am going to give this a
go for a while. This OS really is good once you can get the Aero
interface disabled and switch to Windows Classic. All my hardware
works out of the box, my DVB-T 300 Videomate Compro Digital TV card
and my Wireless USB adapter both work perfectly first time. I am
listening to Dig digital radio on my DVB-T card through Windows Media
Center. This card will not work with Ubuntu at all but works first
time on Windows 7. Totally awesome. Windows 7 Ultimate performs better
than Windows XP Home SP3 on my Athlon XP 1800+ with 768 megabytes of
RAM and a Nvidia 6200 card with 256 megabytes.

I have even setup the Microsoft IME and it works a treat as you can
tell. And Firefox 3.5 is awesome.

But Bill Gates is still a Bastard. 悪魔馬鹿人。