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Monthly Archives: August 2009

Ubuntu annoyances.

I have been trying to get Ubuntu 9.0.4 working, but I have hit astumbling block with the installation of Nvidia drivers. I do not knowwhat was wrong, maybe it was me, but it should not be that hard to dothis. I installed a vanilla kernel and then installed theNvidia driver package off the Linux […]

Darkplaces quake.

If only quake2 looked like this. Site powered by RSS.

Windows 7 virtual desktops?

http://digihub.smh.com.au/node/1138 Post a comment and speak your mind about this subject. – 未来の悪魔。 Site powered by RSS.

Linux Mint.

I am constantly amused by the movement in the open source world towards reducing the amount of Multimedia support in GNU/linux operating systems. I mean, Fedora Core 10 is quite crippled and even I could not get it to work right. I installed xine-lib from source, but that did not even fix it right. Ubuntuu […]