Ubuntu annoyances.

I have been trying to get Ubuntu 9.0.4 working, but I have hit a
stumbling block with the installation of Nvidia drivers. I do not know
what was wrong, maybe it was me, but it should not be that hard to do
this. I installed a vanilla kernel and then installed the
Nvidia driver package off the Linux Format DVD and it would not work,
there was a mismatch with the modules and it would not work. I hate
this but now I am running PCLinux OS 2009 and I am going to build a
live OS of this distribution once I have finished costumising and
optimising this OS, I will keep this for myself I have not the
bandwidth to upload something like this but I will have something easy
to use and the proprietary drivers seem to be already installed so
that inserting a DVD and selecting kaffeine from the autorun menu
starts it at once. The KDE 3.5 desktop is nice and fast as well as
better and more KDE like than KDE 4.22, that is a heap of shit and
copying Windows Vista in GNU/Linux is not necessary, there are plenty
of ways that the GNU/Linux desktop can be useful and have some eye
candy without copying all the latest & greatest features of Windows
Vista and Windows VII. Another reason I hate Ubuntu is that version
8.10 I would insert my phone's m2 card into my computer and it would
not be recognised at all. But it would work on Linux Mint & PC Linux
OS 2009.

PC Linux OS 2009 is more like Knoppix. That is a quite good OS and I
am happy with this PC Linux OS, I have installed it on a 80 Gigabyte
drive having taken out my Windows 7 & Ubuntu drives. Once I build an
ISO image and burn it I can install it on my computer in place of
Ubuntu. If PC Linux OS can get things working why can't Ubuntu get
this working just as well. I would recommend people run Linux Mint
instead of Ubuntu as this desktop OS is easier to get restricted
drivers to work in. But why are people to use this shit when they can
just install Windows 7 and get everything working at once. Windows
Media Player in Windows 7 is quite good and well worth using for the
excellent codec support.

Linux Mint.

I am constantly amused by the movement in the open source world towards reducing

the amount of Multimedia support in GNU/linux operating systems. I mean, Fedora

Core 10 is quite crippled and even I could not get it to work right. I installed

xine-lib from source, but that did not even fix it right. Ubuntuu 8:10 is

easier, but when I am running Windows 7 build 7100 right now typing this in

Emacs running in dosbox and I have full multimedia support out of the box so to

speak, then what are people going to choose? UPDATE, I have installed Linux mint

from the live CD and this is working much better than Fedora, I installed the

extra codecs and now I am listening to my Rodney Carrington mp3s with Totem and

it works perfectly. Very good indeed and the Ubuntu installer it uses is not

very hard to use at all.

My hard disk with Windows 7 installed just failed, so I went back to my old hard

disk using Windows XP. Not much fun though, GNU/Linux is much more fun to use

than Windows and more secure.