Ubuntu sound.

I have been trying to use sound in Ubuntu 8:10 and the sound hardware
I have will not work at all with Linux and it was working perfectly
before. I can use mplayer in the text console and it plays sound
perfectly with alsa, but it will not work at all in Gnome. why does
this happen? Linux used to work very well when I used to use it around
2004 to 2006 with really good hardware support and the sound would
work very well with alsa when I was running Mandrake Linux 10. Those
were the days before Ubuntu fucked everything up for us with
pulseaudio and now the sound hardly works at all sometimes. I prefer
Windows 7 now, at least the sound works perfectly with my Soundblaster
PCI 128, which is the Ensoniq 1370 chipset. It has worked perfectly on
Debian 3.0 and now I am using Ubuntu 8:10 and I cannot get it to work
for some reason. I have updated the kernel to 2.6.27-14 and I updated
the pulseaudio system but it still will not work which is unbelievable
these days considering Windows 7 is on the horizon to be introduced to
shops which will take the world by storm and replace Vista on many
machines. Anyone who is still running Vista these days is a moron,
when you can get the release candidate of Window 7 and have a faster
machine than any Vista install. Fuck Ubuntu, I should get OpenSolaris
UNIX and have a better experience than the Linux desktop which is
going down the gurgler very quickly. There was a clip on youtube where
they showed a couple of guys showing off the KDE4 desktop to a
selection of sheeple and they were told that it was Windows 7. They
were impressed with it, but if they actually had to use Linux for the
day to day tasks they would run away like Speedy Gonzales. As I would.
I am pissed off that Linux detects my TV card and it is set up right,
and I scan channels and it will not detect anything yet it works
perfectly on Windows 7 media center and Blaze DVB-T software and
progdvb, which I am using now. Prodvb is awesome software and it is
freeware too.

I think that the whole sound infrastructure needs an overhaul and the
two disparate desktop environments like KDE & Gnome need to have a
unified sound system like Gstreamer and this would make it easier to
have sound working in Linux. I am sure the Apple users do not have
these problems and the Windows 7 sound system does not have any
problems. No wonder I am thinking of abandoning Linux after all this
time despite it having some good points, especially that it is more
stable and secure than Linux or so they say, Windows 7 is fast and
stable and seems to be quite a good operating system. Why is the sound
in Ubuntu so hard to get working sometimes when Windows XP works
perfectly with my soundcard? Windows XP predates Ubuntu 8:10 and it
has better support for my PCI 128 soundcard and my TV card works in it