New hard drive for my computer. And Youtube silliness.

Just bought an external hard disk enclosure for my 500 Gigabyte SATA hard disk and I am currently copying my movies to the drive and it is going to take quite a long time with USB 1.1, but it will be worth it having the files backed up and kept safe. I am currently running Gnome and it is a breath of fresh air after using Windows XP disk management to partition and format the disk and create 250 GB and 226 GB partitions to store my data. This will be plenty of space for all of my stuff. It was quite a procedure putting the disk into the casing but it is worth it in the end. It does not matter that it uses NTFS if I can back up all of my data and read it on Windows as well as Linux. This is something I should have done a long time ago. And I thank the Gods that I am running Linux after using Windows, that really get’s my goat, I have tried Windows Vista Enterprise and that is quite fast but it could be a lot faster.

PSX Twilight Descends gameplay.

The joshchristian100 troll on youtube, has had his account suspended but this is only the beginning and he should know better after trying to take on 4chan, which is something you simply do not do at all no matter what ‘God’ you have on your side, trolling will get you nowhere fast except to destroy your on-line reputation and get you in heaps of trouble. If I was him I would quit youtube altogether and find something else to do until I grow up and get some more sense of mind not to aggravate a site full of the coolest people on the web. Give it a break Josh2uber. I have got the coolest wallpaper for Linux off 4chan from /w/ and it is a great website and does not deserve to be trolled and attacked like this. This troll has received thousands of comments and none of them are positive, but if you make a video wearing pink Kanye West shutter glasses and acting like a dick and having attacks of rage on camera then you are going to be a target. What a dick. He needs to leave Youtube.

Anyway, Happy New Year 2010 everyone! Have a good time.