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How to disable desktop icons on the Linux Mint 13 MATE desktop. Very easy with the Configuration Editor.

Remove the icons from the Linux Mint MATE desktop. This post will tell you how to disable the desktop icons on the Linux Mint 13 MATE desktop. I prefer to have the desktop this way as it is a little faster and better looking. Just go to Applications->System->Configuration Editor in the MATE Menu as shown […]

Re-installing the Grand Unified Boot loader (GRUB2) in Linux Mint 13.

I recently installed Ubuntu 11.10 on my computer, triple-booting with Linux Mint 12 and Linux Mint 13, this overwrote my boot-loader for my Linux Mint 13 installation. Therefore, after booting into my Linux Mint 13 distribution I re-installed the boot-loader using the command-line. Using the grub-install command to re-install the proper boot-loader to the boot […]

My thoughts on the Unity desktop, the lack of customization sucks.

I am trying out the Ubuntu Unity desktop again, in Ubuntu 11.10, the design is starting to grow on me, I recently bought a copy of Ubuntu user magazine that came with a copy of Ubuntu 11.10 with extra software included and I decided to try it out. I have not had any problems with […]