Awesome elegance colors theme for Gnome Shell, this can change colors automatically.

[caption id="" align="alignleft" width="320"]Elegance colors theme for Gnome. Elegance colors theme for Gnome.[/caption] This awesome new theme for Gnome Shell has the ability to change colors automatically depending upon the wallpaper the user has at the moment. This would be very good for a user that wants a dynamically changing desktop experience whenever they choose a new wallpaper. So, download this theme and give it a go if you want a dynamically changing desktop theme.

Nord: This is another quality theme for Gnome Shell. This one has a blue ice color scheme and is very good for a first effort.

Away: This is a Gnome Shell theme that is rather like the default GS theme whilst making something new at the same time.

Minty Gnome Shell theme: This theme gives Linux Mint colors to Gnome Shell. Nice theme for any Linux Mint users.

Tyr GS theme: A high quality Gnome Shell theme. Well worth installing for any fan of high quality dark desktop themes.

Viva Gnome Shell theme: Another high quality dark theme for Gnome Shell.

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