Lovely icon themes for your Linux Mint gnome desktop.

[caption width="300" align="alignright"]A classic Ubuntu 8.10 desktop. A classic Ubuntu 8.10 desktop.[/caption]

OSX Nostalgie: This icon theme is a copy of the default icon theme for Macintosh OSX.

Faenza: This is the highest rated icon theme on the Gnome Look website.

Win2-7: The Windows 7 transformation pack for Gnome. This will make your Linux desktop look like Windows 7.

Elementary icons: A beautiful icon theme for Linux Gnome desktops.

Ubuntu style: A lovely icon set for any Ubuntu desktop.

Clarity: A lovely vector icon theme for Linux desktops.

Glass: This an interesting glass icon theme for Gnome.

Nitrux OS icons: A lovely icon theme for Gnome. This one is stunning.

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