My blog is now nofollow free. Now the commenters will gain some Google PR.

Foggy city morning. The Apple view of New York?

Foggy city morning. The Apple view of New York?

I have removed the evil nofollow tag from my website allowing my visitors who type comments to actually gain from Search Engine crawling. I wish I had done this sooner, the nofollow tag is evil, you spend all that time commenting on blogs and you do not gain that much page ranking. It is time to fight back and give everyone a fair chance to gain some page ranking.

The information I used to find out about this plugin is here: This is something that everyone should do. I have good spam prevention now, so the million or so Ipod and Viagra spammers will not gain Page Ranking.

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John Cartwright
Linux user that loves sharing all kinds of Linux information with the world. I love Linux and sharing information about how to use it and get the best out of your desktop is the best way to give back to the community.

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  1. ottomasi

    Spam has grown?


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