Some very good Gnome Shell themes for Ubuntu and Linux Mint 15.

[caption id="attachment_5349" align="alignright" width="300"]An attractive Gnome Shell desktop. An attractive Gnome Shell desktop.[/caption] Nord Gnome Shell theme, now compatible with Gnome 3.6. LittleBigMod Gnome Shell 3.6 theme. A very good and sleek theme. London Smoke theme for Gnome Shell 3.4. Malys theme for Gnome Shell 3.4.1. Another quality theme for your Linux desktop. Darkair Gnome Shell theme. A theme with a lovely orange motif. NovaShell Gnome Shell theme. This looks a lot like the default Gnome Shell theme.

Zukitwo GTK 3 theme: This is a very high rated GTK theme for MATE and Gnome Shell. This would be very good for any Gnome Shell desktop.

Hope GTK 3 theme: Another lovely GTK 3 theme.

DeLorean Dark. A dark brushed metal theme for GTK 3:–+Gnome+3.4+%26+3.6?content=153866. If you want a nice dark theme for GTK 3.0; then this one will suit you just fine.

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