Sony corporation planning in-game advertising? Is this the downfall of Sony?

[caption id="attachment_3950" align="alignright" width="300" caption="Is this the future of your gaming experience with Sony?"]Is this the future of your gaming experience with Sony?[/caption]

The Sony corporation is planning to put advertising into their games during game-play. it is bad enough that they are dumbing down games with such releases as the Call of Duty series, but now they are putting ads into the games as well. Is the screen-shot to the right an actual example of the future of entertainment? Sure a couple of ads are not too obtrusive during scheduled ad breaks on television, but you do not expect to see ads during an actual game. This is another example of the dumbing down of mass media, it is bad enough that we have to put up with those constant annoying funeral ads on television and life-insurance ads that are never-ending. Ads could be in a game if it was a first person shooter that is set in a city, then obviously they could have billboards and other ads all over the game. But having interstitial advertising interrupting a game is just wrong.

[caption id="attachment_3949" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="The future of the average American. Mass media and advertising."]The future of the average American. Mass media and advertising.[/caption]

The cable television stations are increasing the amount of annoying advertising, as well as the free to air television stations. I can not believe that an entertainment company is planning to drench games with ads as well. That is why I prefer old games, you do not need to sit through a long introduction to get down to game-play. I can imagine playing a future Call of Duty release and seeing Google Chrome ads popping up everywhere. Who would put up with this really? it is bad enough that they were storing user passwords in plain text allowing the Playstation network to be easily cracked, now they are wanting to put annoying advertising everywhere. They are asking for trouble now. . Sony also removed the OtherOS feature from the Playstation 3. This is another nail in their coffin.

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