The me-tv software is not working on Linux Mint 13. This should be fixed soon though.

The me-tv package distributed with the Linux Mint 13 maya distribution is not working at the moment, the client-server model they have adopted is quite a change, but when I executed it from a terminal window, I got the error that the database format was not compatible and the me-tv-server was not able to be executed. I will have to have a look with strace and see what I get out of this. The below output shows what the me-tv-server program prints when you try and execute it in a terminal.

C:\HOME\FLYNN> me-tv-server
2012-06-06 01:40:54: Me TV Server started
2012-06-06 01:40:54: An unhandled exception was generated
2012-06-06 01:40:54: Error: The Me TV database version does not match the Me TV server version.

This bug is mentioned here: Hopefully this will be fixed very soon. I tried deleting the /home/flynn/.local/share/me-tv/me-tv2.db file and I managed to get the me-tv-server loaded, but the me-tv-client will not run. I got the error shown below instead.

C:\HOME\FLYNN> me-tv-client
Me TV 2.0.1
2012-06-06 01:52:45: Me TV Server started
06/06/12 01:52:50: Exception: Failed to communicate with Me TV server

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