The Windows 8 operating system forces you to re-boot to install updates.

The Windows 8 operating system forces you to re-boot to install updates. This is 2012; why can the operating system not install updates whilst the operating system is up and running and there is a user logged into the system doing their work? Apparently after 2 days it forces you to re-boot to install your updates and you have to quickly save your work and then re-boot your machine. Meanwhile the Ubuntu Linux distribution I am using to type this posting allows me to install the updates in the background and I am able to keep working whilst the updates are installed. But Windows 8 is not as good as Ubuntu; one the default Lightdm login manager is replaced with the kdm login manager; this distribution really becomes a useful desktop operating system. just type sudo apt-get install kdm to install a better login manager. If you want to try your hand at torrenting; the Vuze torrent client is a good choice; just type sudo apt-get install vuze to install this application. Windows 8 is very popular; but like popular music such as the viral Gangnam Style song; it is just a virally advertised product and it does not have any real reasons to like it in the long term. The tablet craze that has created the Gnome 3 and Unity desktops is not assured of long-term survival. Some new technology might come into being that will be better than the tablets and then the creators of new technology might create a whole new paradigm to take advantage of this new technology.

Prompting to install updates in Ubuntu 12.10.

Prompting to install updates in Ubuntu 12.10.

We already have neural technology that allows a person to control a computer game with their mind. Will this ever take off in the future? This could be a good way for the disabled to control a computer and re-gain some independence by wearing an exoskeleton suit that would allow a paraplegic person to walk again. None can say that technology would not be useful to humanity in the future. But forcing users to re-boot their machines every time the system wants to install Windows updates is moronic. In Windows 7 you could choose to put off the updates for 4 hours until you are next prompted; but you did not have to re-boot right then and there; Ubuntu does not prompt the user to re-boot after installing critical updates; but if you install a new kernel version or a GNU Libc update then it is prudent to re-boot to use the updated code. But you re-boot your system when you want to not when you are forced to; as that is just plain disrespectful to the user. Better to just install updates whilst the operating system is up and running; but I am not sure if it is possible for Windows 8 to do that; Windows 7 would install updates whilst the OS was shutting down. I wish that Microsoft would work out a way to install and configure Windows updates whilst the operating system is running; but that may not be possible. They are lagging behind Linux that has been able to do this for a long time. The Debian Linux distribution and the related distributions like Ubuntu and Linux Mint are capable of installing updates whilst the operating system is running; why can the Windows operating system not do this?

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