Useful computer hardware chart for computer users that want information about a certain plug or socket.

[caption width="300" align="aligncenter"]Computer Hardware chart. This has a lot of information about various hardware. Computer Hardware chart. This has a lot of information about various hardware.[/caption]

This hardware chart has a lot of information about various hardware sockets and plugs used by computer hardware. Older systems are covered as well as more modern hardware such as SATA ports; and the older IDE connectors. The old IDE system was very annoying; the SATA equivalent that we use these days as well as eSATA is a better choice. The eSATA connection is very useful when you have an operating system installed to an external hard drive and you need a fast connection to the desktop computer. This way you can have the hard drive outside the computer which will keep the poor thing cool and allow it to function for longer. That is important with hard drives which can get quite warm and they need to be protected from the heat as excessive heat for long periods will cause early failure of the drive. The slot1 system that saw a CPU plugged into a slot in the motherboard in a sort of cartridge was all the rage a while ago. I had a computer for ages that was a Pentium II 350 MMX and this used a slot1 CPU.

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