How to install µTorrent Server on Linux Mint 15.

This is a relatively painless process if you follow this tutorial. Note that I am using a 64bit operating system.

First off; download the µtorrent client here:

If it is in the ~/Downloads folder then type:

tar -xvf utorrent-server-3.0-ubuntu-10.10-27079.tar.gz


sudo apt-get install libssl0.9.8

to enable the SSL components of the server to function.

If you are still missing the LibSSL library; then type:

sudo apt-get install libssl0.9.8:i386

this will install the 32bit version of the libraries that are needed to run µtorrent.

Then navigate to the directory containing the µtorrent binary by typing:

cd utorrent-server-v3_0/

and then type


to start the server.

After this; open a browser and enter this URL to open the interface:

the username is admin and the password is blank.

This is what the torrent client should look like when you access the GUI.

[caption id="attachment_6151" align="aligncenter" width="500"]The torrent client running on Linux Mint 15. The torrent client running on Linux Mint 15.[/caption]

This is not too painful an enterprise after all. The µtorrent server works well on Linux Mint 15 and is a good way to download your torrents.

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