More lovely MATE and GDM themes for Linux Mint 14.

More lovely MATE and GDM themes for Linux Mint 14.

This GDM/MDM theme is an outstanding example of interface theming artwork and belongs on any Linux computer.

The Gnome Cupertino theme for GTK 3.0/MATE.

Flatstudio 1.0.2 for Gnome and MATE. This theme will not appear in the theme browser; click Customise and select the theme look and window decorations that way.

Orion GTK 3.0 theme.

Brasillinux eye GDM/MDM theme.

Faenza Gnome/MATE icon theme.

Ubo icons theme.

AwOken icon theme for Gnome/MATE.

Clarity icon theme for Gnome/MATE.

Buuf icon theme for Gnome and MATE.

Gnome colors icon set.

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