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Useful SSH tricks for downloading files from an SSH server to your machine.

This is how to connect to a machine with an SSH server installed and download a file from that machine to your local computer. The sftp command allows this to be accomplished with ease. Administrator@WIN-EM8GK0ROU41 ~ $ sftp -P 443 homer@ LMDE MATE Editionhomer@’s password: Connected to Fetching /home/homer/Documents/my2.c to my2.c /home/homer/Documents/my2.c Here is […]

Getting information from a Windows machine using the net command on Linux.

The net command may be used to get information from a Windows PC. Below is an example. I am reading the time from a Windows 7 Ultimate PC. root@debian:/home/homer# net time -I Fri Jul 11 11:22:32 2014 This command shows the network shares that my Windows 7 Ultimate installation has, I am connected to […]

How to calculate an IP subnetwork with the sipcalc command.

The sipcalc command is very useful for calculating an IP subnet. This command shows the amount of hosts available for a given subnet. root@debian:/home/homer# sipcalc -[ipv4 :] – 0   [CIDR] Host address – Host address (decimal) – 3232261121 Host address (hex) – C0A86401 Network address – Network mask – […]

A cool new wallpaper; a photo taken during a rainstorm at night.

This is an awesome wallpaper. A photograph that I took during a heavy rainstorm. This is sepia toned due to the lighting and I really like the look of this photograph.

Youtube buffering extremely slow compared to Vimeo. Why is this so?

Youtube lately has been buffering extremely slowly. This is due to an unknown cause at Googles end. I can try to watch a 480p video on Youtube and it will take ages to buffer; but if I go to Vimeo; a HD video will load instantly and buffer with lightning speed. I wish that Vimeo […]

The proper command to install the ATI fglrx drivers on Linux Mint Debian Edition.

This is the proper command to install the accelerated ATI drivers on Linux Mint Debian Edition. The fglrx-driver package allowed me to use higher resolutions after enabling the driver with this command: sudo aticontrol –initial but the driver did not allow acceleration. After using this command to install all of the required ATI packages, I […]

How to review package installation logs on Linux Mint Debian Edition.

The cat /var/log/apt/term.log command will allow you to retrieve information about a package installation; you may then review the installation process and see if anything went wrong during the installation process. homer@deusexmachina ~ $ cat /var/log/apt/term.log Log started: 2014-07-05 11:29:39 Log ended: 2014-07-05 11:30:38 Log started: 2014-07-05 21:39:55 Selecting previously unselected package ipcalc. (Reading database […]

How you can take screenshots in Windows 8.1 and save them straight to the hard drive.

Windows 8.1 has a feature that not many people know about. You can press Win-PrtScr to take a screenshot and save it straight to the hard disk. The screenshots are saved in the Users/Homer/Pictures/Screenshots folder. This is a very useful way to take a screenshot and save it straight to the disk without having to […]

NSA equating Linux use with terrorism.

The NSA are equating Linux users with terrorists. This after they created the NSA Selinux security framework for Linux machines around the world. They are monitoring the visitors of the website and flagging them as terrorists and putting them on a watchlist. This is a quite concerning development. Linux users are usually more experienced […]

How to copy files from one machine to another using SSH and the sftp command.

The sftp command allows a user to retrieve files on a remote machine and save them on their computer. Use this command to access the files: sftp -P 443 homer@*.pdf I have my SSH server running on port 443, so I need to specify that port when using this command. I am using Cygwin on […]

Useful shell script that may be used to create a whole host of user accounts easily.

This bash shell script is useful for creating a new user and setting a password for that user. This allows you to just type a username and password and everything else is done for you. Very useful for someone who is in a hurry. #!/bin/bash echo “Type a username for your new account: ” read […]

Cracking WPA2 wireless networks using Kali Linux and a compatible wireless adapter.

How to crack a wireless network PSK using Kali Linux easily. This is a very educational experience and well worth trying for the challenge.

Another way to listen to Wi-Fi traffic using Kali Linux and a wireless adaptor.

The p0f command for Kali Linux allows a user to listen in on traffic passing over a wireless network. I am using a Netgear WLAN adapter and I am listening in on an open Access Point. This is the command to use: p0f -i wlan0 this will start the p0f traffic sniffer. root@kali:~# p0f -i […]

Creating webm video clips on Linux using ffmpeg.

The /g/ wiki has a good guide for creating webm video clips from your existing video content using ffmpeg. This is not very difficult and allows you to post the completed videos on your website. Firefox and Iceweasel have native support for the webm format; this is an easy way for you to post video […]

How to use the touch command to create a file with an arbitrary filename.

The touch command ordinarily does not allow the user to create files with a filename like –rf, but if you want to really annoy someone then you may use this command to create one. homer@debian:~$ touch — ‘–rf ‘ And now you have a file named –rf. -rw-r–r– 1 homer homer 0 Jun 28 16:26 […]