How to use ipgrab to capture TCP packets that are travelling through a network interface.

How to use ipgrab to capture TCP packets. The ipgrab command when run as root is very useful for capturing information about network packets that are travelling through your network interfaces. In this example I am capturing packets from my wlan0 interface. homer@homer-eME730:~$ sudo ipgrab -i wlan0 > cap.log Here is a sample of the […]

How to convert a midi file to ogg or flac with Timidity.

This is how to use Timidity to convert a MIDI file into an ogg vorbis audio file. This is very useful for playing them with Banshee or Audacious. [homer@localhost Documents]$ timidity sound009.mid -Ov -o blood009.ogg Playing sound009.mid MIDI file: sound009.mid Format: 1 Tracks: 10 Divisions: 480 Sequence: Seq-1 Track name: Track-5 Track name: Track-7 Track […]

ASUS and Linksys router vulnerabilities leaving computer users exposed.

The many vulnerabilities uncovered that allow malicious read-write access to hard drives connected to ASUS routers continues to be a dangerous thing that needs to be addressed. There is a patch for ASUS routers that patches this vulnerability; but it is up to the users to install this patch. This is far too easy to […]

Ubuntu Kylin. The most popular Ubuntu for the chinese market.

More than 1.5 million copies of the Ubuntu Kylin distribution have been downloaded in 2013. That shows the growing popularity of open-source software in China. The greater security of Linux compared to Windows allows a computer user to make good use of their computer without worrying about online malware and viruses. You may download a […]

Using the tar command on Linux to uncompress tar.gz files with the command line.

The tar command on Linux is very useful for uncompressing files on your Linux machine. The most used command on a Linux system is uncompressing files that you have downloaded from an Internet source. The tar -xvf command will uncompress a tar.gz file. ~$ tar -xvf myfile.tar.gz To uncompress a tar.bz2 file use this command. […]

How to add a new user on Ubuntu server 12.04 and add a desktop environment if desired.

Adding a new user on Ubuntu server is very simple. The useradd command may be used in a script to create multiple users very easily. sudo useradd $username -m -s /bin/bash -G users Then you will need to set a password for the new user. This command will suffice. ~# echo ‘jim:password1′ | chpasswd -c […]

Digital Marketing Strategies for the New Era.

In years past, devising a marketing strategy was much simpler than it is now. With strategically placed billboards, public press, television, radio and newspaper advertisements, one could easily create a vast sphere of influence. While these methods still work, the internet and mobile technology have made dramatic changes in the way marketers do business. Luckily, […]

An alternative to CPU-Z for your Ubuntu or Linux Mint desktop. This utility is awesome.

A very good CPU-Z alternative for a Linux machine. This awesome utility for Linux is an alternative to the CPU-Z program for Windows machines. This allows the user to gather information about their computer with a nice tabbed interface. There is a tab to gather system/OS information as well as CPU statistics. This is very […]

Another way to get a mobile view of websites with Firefox and no need for addons.

If you press Ctrl->Shift->m when viewing a website, it will be switched to a mobile view that allows you to see what the website looks like at various mobile resolutions. I found this out by accident. But this is a very cool Firefox trick. Another reason to not use Chrome. I will never use that […]

How to find out which rpm package provides a file that you need.

How to find out what rpm package provides a file that you need. The yum provides command is useful for finding out this information. You may use wildcards to search for a file, this can make finding it easier. [homer@localhost jackhammer]$ yum provides */redhat**.jpg Loaded plugins: langpacks nagios-3.5.1-4.fc20.x86_64 : Nagios monitors hosts and services and […]

How to do a full Linux Mint 15 installation.

Infographic: Seniors Attitude Towards Technology.

Another way to print your IP address in Linux. This is a very useful one liner.

This simple one liner will print out your IP address and then IPv6 equivalent if you have it set. [homer@localhost ~]$ ifconfig enp6s1 | awk ‘/inet/ { print $2 } ‘ | sed -e s/addr:// fe80::213:46ff:fe3a:283 Here is a way to only print the IPv4 address. [homer@localhost ~]$ ifconfig enp6s1 | awk ‘/inet / […]

Using iptables on a Linux system to secure your computer against Internet threats. This is important.

securing your Linux computer with iptables is a great way to make sure that you are safer from Internet attacks. The iptables(8) system is the built in firewall for a Linux system. This makes it very easy to secure your computer. Before you change any settings, backup your iptables configuration. iptables-save > backup.conf if the […]

Some very cool Linux shell tips and tricks for old and new users alike.

Some very useful Linux shell commands and tricks. Print numbers in sequence. [homer@localhost ~]$ seq 8 24 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 Print numbers in sequence, but only multiples of 8. [homer@localhost ~]$ seq 8 8 128 8 16 24 32 40 48 […]