Linux has advantages over FreeBSD, but the PS4 has this as its main OS. Could this lead to improvements?

FreeBSD is lagging behind Linux on the desktop. Why is this? Linux has an advantage over FreeBSD. The usability of the aforementioned operating system is not up to the standards set by Linux that has the Red Hat Linux Enterprise distribution that is fully capable of powering servers and uses a simple GUI installer and […]

5 Features that Make Linux Server Hosting Better than Windows Hosting

When it comes to server hosting, there are two options available to every user. These options are Linux based hosting options and Windows based hosting options. You will come across people who are firmly in one camp and many who are confused and in the middle. What about me, you ask? Well when it comes […]

How to use the transmission remote interface on Linux to check your torrents.

Transmission peers settings.

The transmission remote interface is very good for accessing your torrent client over a network. Use the command below to access a transmission session and see the progress of your torrents. The syntax is: username:password@IP:PORT. transmission-remote-cli -c jim:[email protected]:9091 You may also access the transmission client over a web interface. This gives you an interface exactly […]

Some incredible Christmas gift ideas for the tech oriented person in your life. Samsung Galaxy tablet 3 7″ with WIFI. Alienware W260633AU X51R2 Desktop: 8 Gigabytes of RAM. 1.5 Gigabyte GDDR5 NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660. Windows 8. 2 Terabyte HDD. Dell 24″ LED monitor:—24%26%2334%3B-IPS-LED-HD-Monitor/6814952.p?id=1218807855012&skuId=6814952. Seagate 1 terabyte hard disk drive for PC. Serial ATA:$pcmcat270900050001&cp=1&lp=1. NETGEAR – N750 Dual-Band Wireless-N Gigabit Router with 4-Port Ethernet […]

A useful website that will explain the workings of any Linux command.

A website that will explain the workings of any Linux command in plain english. This website allows you to type in a Linux command that you are unsure of and it will be explained to you in plain english. I just found this website linked in a Reddit posting and it is very cool […]

Why is Responsive Web Design Important?

The onslaught of technological innovations over the last decade posed an enormous challenge to web developers in adapting to the various devices, platforms and browsers. Every day we see a new smart phone, tablet and notebooks being launched and this mad invasion of Technology is only meant to grow bigger by the day. Why Responsive […]

Getting the Most From Your Next Adventure with Technology: 7 Gadgets Worth a Look.

Getting the Most From Your Next Adventure with Technology: 7 Gadgets Worth a Look Traveling at home or abroad is always an adventure no matter what happens. Savvy travelers have learned that getting the most from any trip comes down to being prepared. In the Digital Age, streamlined gadgets that enhance the travel experience are […]

Linux commands that you should never run on your Linux system.

Bash fork bomb. This will lock up your computer and cause all sorts of problems. Do not run this. :(){ :|:& };: The bash fork bomb is an obfuscated version of this code. This will fork() over and over again until the computer locks up. fork() { fork | fork & } Here is another […]

Useful Linux commands and tips for beginners.

Useful tips and commands for absolute Linux beginners. The Linux command line has many useful commands that are useful for managing files and installing software. I will cover a few in this post. cp. This command is used to copy a file from one location to the other. For example: cp myfile.txt Desktop/myfile.txt which will […]

A look at the new Linux Mint 16 MATE desktop.

Linux Mint 16 Petra desktop.

The new Linux Mint 16 MATE desktop is better than ever, I am running it in VMware and it runs like a dream. It is based on the 3.11 Linux kernel and uses the same desktop theme and layout as the previous releases. But this is a good thing. The performance is extremely good. Firefox […]

More awesome wallpapers for your Windows or Linux desktop.

Some beautiful green hills. This is a very attractive wallpaper. A field of Canola with trees in the distance. A lovely Autumn scene. A gorgeous sunset scene with red lighting and misty mountains. A nice HD Simpsons wallpaper. A pier on the ocean with a lovely long exposure and beautiful lighting. A cool picture of […]

How to fix problems with the apt-get command when installing packages.

Sometimes when you are using the apt-get command to install updates you can get errors when installing a deb package. This is easily remedied by using the -f parameter to the apt-get install command. Use it like this: homer@lollinux-machina:~$ sudo apt-get -f install This will run the installation of the packages again and fix the […]

Linux is evolving into a great desktop option. The future is bright if free software is allowed to prosper.

Why desktop Linux is getting better and better all the time. The Linux desktop has evolved so far from the olden days of computing; the days of Gnome 1.0 and Red Hat Linux 6.2 are gone, but we have Ubuntu 14.04 and Linux Mint 16 Petra that are powering modern computers. Red Hat Linux 6.2 […]

How to mount USB drives in Ubuntu without needing root access. This is very easy indeed.

Mounting a USB drive in Ubuntu without needing root access. If you want to be able to mount a USB drive in Ubuntu or Linux Mint without clicking the entry in the Nautilus file manager then this post is for you. Type this command to install the pmount utility. homer@lollinux-machina:~$ sudo apt-get install pmount Then […]

Linux Mint 16 distribution will further cement Linux as the desktop operating system of choice.

The Linux Mint 16 distribution is one that will take over from Windows 8.1. The Windows operating system has good gaming performance, but Linux does as well. I have played Corebreach on Fedora Core 19 and it ran very well indeed. There are a few good Linux games that are available for PC. There are […]