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Linux tips and tricks for all users.

New super powered Linux PC from System 76. Up to 64 Gigabytes of RAM!

This computer from System 76 is an absolute beast. System 76 ship Linux powered computers for those of us that want to play Linux games and do 3D modelling with Blender. This computer can ship with these specs for the base model: Quad-core Intel Core i7-4820K @ 3.70Ghz 8GB DDR3 RAM (1866 MHz) 1GB nVidia […]

Internet censorship on the horizon. What will happen to online privacy?

With the NSA monitoring the Internet and usage of the encrypted TOR network rising; the people are waking up to the reality of total government control of the Internet. But the SSL encryption on the Internet that secures communications between a computer user and the server has been broken by the NSA. This means that […]

Grand Theft Auto IV wallpapers for your Linux desktop.

some awesome wallpapers for your Linux desktop. These really are very good. High-quality GTA 5 map wallpaper: http://viewallpaper.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/07/GTA-5-Map-Wallpaper.jpg. Another GTA 5 map for your desktop: http://i47.tinypic.com/w9k8e1.gif. The map of Los Santos: http://media.officialplaystationmagazine.co.uk/files/2011/11/Los-Santos-GTA-5-map.jpg. GTA IV spots mapped on a massive wallpaper. This is one massive game: http://media1.gameinformer.com/imagefeed/featured/rockstar/gtav/fanmap/zfYE2j.jpg. For the nostalgia fans; a map of Liberty City: […]

Dredd 2012 movie shows the Simple Metacity theme and nmap and top usage.

The 2012 Dredd movie shows a computer expert that is intending to use nmap against port 22; which is the standard port that SSH uses. He wants to be able to trace Dredd when he next uses an information terminal. He uses this command against the network to find Dredd: nmap -p 22 –open -sV […]

The new penetration testing distribution that has taken over from Backtrack.

There is a new Linux distribution that has taken over from Backtrack. This is Kali, a distribution based upon the Debian distro. This uses the Gnome fallback desktop component of the Gnome 3 desktop and offers something that was lacking from the Backtrack distribution, a networking icon for changing your settings. All of the familiar […]

How to setup and use Ubuntu 13.10 after initial installation.

Setting up Ubuntu 13.10 on a laptop. I have recently replaced the Debian 7.1 hard drive in my laptop with a new hard drive and I installed Ubuntu 13.10. After the installation; I was able to run sudo apt-get update and then I installed a nice new terminal and all of the extra codecs with […]

Some misc computing tricks that are very useful indeed in your day to day desktop usage.

How to take a screenshot on Macintosh OSX: http://guides.macrumors.com/Taking_Screenshots_in_Mac_OS_X. To delete your Internet history quickly in Firefox; use the Ctrl-Shift-Del keyboard combination. You will be presented with a dialog that allows you to select the time period to erase. Watch the original Star Wars movie in ASCII with this awesome website: http://asciimation.co.nz/. How to monitor […]

What will become of the NBN plan once the new Liberal government gets going?

This image shows what the Internet could be like if we had a proper National Broadband Network in Australia. But we are still stuck with the retarded Internet that we have had for a long time. This is giving us 10 megabits per second speeds. But we should have faster speeds than this by now; […]

How to re-install the GRUB 2 bootloader on Fedora Core 19 with the command line.

To re-install the bootloader for Fedora Core 19; type this command. root@neo homer# grub2-install /dev/sda Installation finished. No error reported. This will properly re-install the GRUB2 bootloader and then you will be able to boot Fedora properly. And then if you wish to generate a new GRUB 2 configuration; use this command. root@neo homer# grub2-mkconfig […]

How to use the interactive features of the Linux rm command.

In this example; I am using the -i parameter to the rm command to ask for permission before erasing a file. This is very useful if you want to be sure that you are wiping the correct file. homer@deep-thought ~/Documents $ rm -i thoughts.txt rm: remove regular file ‘thoughts.txt’? y There is a way to […]

Setting up Virtualbox to run Ubuntu 13.10. Very easy when you have the resources.

How to setup Ubuntu in Virtualbox and create a VM. Download Virtualbox Guest Addition ISO images here: http://download.virtualbox.org/virtualbox/. After installing Ubuntu in Virtualbox on a suitably sized VDI image; add the Virtualbox Guest Additions ISO as a CDROM disk and then start the Ubuntu VM. Install the build essentials in Ubuntu thusly: sudo apt-get install […]

Liberal government to bring out an Internet filter if elected.

A Liberal National government in Australia would adopt the opt-out UK approach to filtering for all Australians. The policy comes less than 41 hours before polls open for voting in the federal election where the Coalition is currently expected to win. It is also almost a year after the Labour government abandoned its plans for […]

How to reset your password in Ubuntu when running the distribution in Virtualbox.

How to reset your Ubuntu password when you are running in Virtualbox. The Ubuntu distribution works quite well in Virtualbox, but sometimes you can forget the password for the user you created and you need to reset the password. This is very easy. Firstly; boot your Virtualbox instance. Then hold the shift key to get […]

How to capture packets from a WIFI interface using Wireshark on Debian Linux 7.0.

Sample Java code that shows how to use arrays and list the contents of an array in order.

This Java code displays a list of students and their scores and also displays a list of their names in alphabetical order. Use this command to compile this: gcj –main=Employees Employees.java -o hello. /* * My first Java program. * */ import java.util.Arrays; public class Employees { public static void main(String[] args) { String[] myStringArray […]