Far Cry 4 in production. Could this game be even better than the third incarnation?

The PC game Far Cry 4 is in production. This game could be even better than Far Cry 3. One thing that must be fixed in this game is the draw distance. In Arma 3 you can snipe people from 3 kilometers away. This is slightly unrealistic but possible with a big enough supersonic round. […]

How to view the position of satellites using the Gpredict software for Linux.

The Gpredict software for Linux is able to view the position of satellites over the surface of the earth. This is fascinating software, you can see the position of the International Space Station and other interesting satellites in orbit. Type this command on a Fedora system to install this software. yum install gpredict This is […]

E16 window manager available for Fedora Core 19.

The old E16 window manager is available for Fedora 19. I just discovered this when installing some new software to try out. Install it using this command. yum install e16 e16-themes.noarch e16-epplets.x86_64 This is a very old but good looking window manager. There are some awesome themes available for this WM on the Internet. I […]

How to install prboom+ on Ubuntu 14.04 with the command line.

Download the tarball for prboom+ here: http://sourceforge.net/projects/prboom-plus/. Navigate to your ~/Downloads folder and type this command to unpack it. homer@lollinux-machina:~/Corebreach ☠ $ tar -xvf prboom-plus- Then navigate to the folder: homer@lollinux-machina:~/Corebreach ☠ $ cd prboom-plus- Issue this command to install the required OpenGL library headers. sudo apt-get install libglu1-mesa-dev freeglut3-dev mesa-common-dev Then you will need […]

Epic failure computer “presentation.” This shows how someone with no computer knowledge can embarrass themselves.

Epic failure computer consultant. Put the captions on as this video is in Hebrew.

How to use the watch command to update a terminal every 2 seconds with an updating file.

I am using this command to search the Internet for open ports on port 80 with nmap. sudo nmap -sS -iR 0 -p 80 -oG nmap.grepable Then I use this command in another terminal tab to view the updating file. This will be updated every two seconds with new file content. watch cat nmap.grepable This […]

Fedora 20 installation guide: (Video).

How to list the various network devices on your Linux system and show the traffic rates.

The ethstats command available on a Linux system allows you to show the network interfaces installed in your machine and the data transfer rates if they are connected to a network and they are not idle. Example usage of this command is shown below. homer@lollinux-machina:~/Documents/Doom2 ☠ $ ethstats eth1 total: 0.00 Mb/s In 0.00 Mb/s […]

How to view programs on your network that are hogging your network bandwidth.

How to use a simple Linux utility to see what is hogging your network bandwidth. The nethogs utility allows you to see what is hogging your bandwidth. Type sudo apt-get install nethogs to install this. Then run it like this: homer@lollinux-machina:~/Documents/Doom2 ☠ $ sudo nethogs eth1 A screen like the one shown below will appear. […]

Lovely GTK themes for your Linux Mint and Ubuntu desktop.

Some lovely GTK themes and wallpapers for your Linux desktop. MediterraneanNight Series 2.03: http://gnome-look.org/content/show.php/MediterraneanNight+Series?content=156782. Themes Collection (Ubuntu/Linux Mint): http://gnome-look.org/content/show.php/Themes+Collection+%28Ubuntu%2BLinux+Mint%29?content=156873. A huge theme collection for Ubuntu and Linux Mint. GNOME Shell: Nord 1.8: http://gnome-look.org/content/show.php/GNOME+Shell%3A+Nord?content=142971. A very popular Gnome Shell theme. Mintyfresh Cinnamon-theme 0.3: http://gnome-look.org/content/show.php/Mintyfresh+Cinnamon-theme?content=156287. A lovely green Cinnamon theme. Malys Inversio: http://gnome-look.org/content/show.php/malys+-+inversio++?content=152965. Ambiance Chrunchy: http://gnome-look.org/content/show.php/Ambiance+Crunchy?content=151181. This […]

Why we need to go back to the moon. The Chinese mission is very important.

I was just thinking about the new Chinese mission to the moon. This means that there is a new country that could dominate space. America do not control space anymore. The Russians were the first people into space and landed the Venera probes on Venus. That hellish planet with an extremely dense atmosphere and temperatures […]

How to type extended ASCII characters on Ubuntu and Linux Mint with the keyboard.

The keyboard in DOS and Windows allows the user to type extended ASCII characters by pressing ALT and typing the number code on the keypad. But this does not work in Linux unless you are using the virtual terminal. So how do you do it in Xorg? Simple. Press CTRL+Shift+U, release the U key and […]

Chinas moon probe has successfully soft-landed on the moon. This the prelude to a manned mission.

China have successfully soft-landed an unmanned probe on the lunar surface. This is an amazing achievement. Hopefully they can send back photographs of the NASA moon lander and finally shut up the moon landing conspiracy theorists. The pictures sent back to Earth from the moon are in color, the surface of the moon looks rather […]

How to use the mkfs command on Linux to format a USB drive to NTFS.

The mkfs command for Linux may be used to create new filesystems on a USB drive. I have used this to format a USB drive that had errors on it. Instead of using Windows 8.1 to format it, I have chosen to use the mkfs command as that is the standard command for formatting a […]

Doom is 20 years old. The game that redefined computer gaming is getting even more popular.

The classic FPS game Doom has turned 20 this year. This classic game that first came out in 1993 has lasted all this time and is now even more popular. 20 years of creating maps and blasting monsters sure has changed the world for the better. The first version of Doom was uploaded onto FTP […]