Mt Gox source code leaked to the Internet. This is a good example of how not to setup a bitcoin exchange.

This is a screenshot of some leaked source code for a Bitcoin exchange. This source code is intended to access a MySQL database. Here is the full code listing: The bitcoin digital currency was devised to allow payment over the Internet using a digital currency. This breach shows that security is not absolute. But […]

Some more beautiful wallpapers for your high-resolution Linux desktop. Crater lake wallpaper. This one is very nice indeed. Full moon over a Greek township. Illuminated Alhambra, Andalusia (Spain). Kuala Lumpur at night. Quiraing, Isle of Skye (Scotland, U.K.). Windmills, Kinderdijk (Netherlands).×1080/17/outer_space_stars_planets_rings_digital_art_1920x1080_16429.jpg. A massive crater on a moon and Saturn in the background. Awesome HD space wallpaper.×1080/63/digital_art_outer_space_sea_1920x1080_62719.jpg. […]

The Importance of Good IT management for Small Business.

Enterprise computing may seem like something that only belongs deep in the halls of a large business. The reality is that it is something that should be considered by every business. If a company has more than a single computer at work for them, then networking technologies should be in place. Anytime a business connects […]

Strange but useful shell trick with the bash shell.

This is a very strange shell trick that allows you to have a set of parameters to a Linux command that are separated by single quotes. [homer@localhost ~]$ df -h’l’a’T’ Filesystem Type Size Used Avail Use% Mounted on rootfs rootfs 216G 75G 130G 37% / proc proc 0 0 0 – /proc sysfs sysfs 0 […]

Useful networking study resources for students.

Some useful networking resources. TCP and UDP reference. TCP/IP Ports listing. This is very useful for reference. Another TCP ports listing in HTML. An introduction to the OSI model and how the TCP/IPĀ  Protocol works. A definition of common TCP/IP names. Intro to TCP/IP. TCP/IP and subnet masking explained. Kali […]

How to list all iptables rules that are set on your Linux system. This is very easy.

The iptables -L or iptables –list commands will list all of the iptables rules that are set on your Linux machine. Below is abbreviated output of this command on my Fedora 20 system. [root@localhost homer]# iptables –list Chain INPUT (policy ACCEPT) target prot opt source destination ACCEPT all — anywhere anywhere ctstate RELATED,ESTABLISHED ACCEPT all […]

Another very useful BIOS simulator. This is for a Phoenix BIOS. This is a BIOS simulator that allows a visitor to practice using a Phoenix BIOS in a web browser. This is a very useful page for playing around with BIOS settings without hurting anything. There is another simulator here: Thinkpad X40 BIOS simulator. This one is also very interesting to play with. More BIOS […]

How to find a file with Linux using the command line.

The Linux command line offers useful tools that enable you to find files easily. The find command is one useful example. Here I am using the find command to look for all *.png files in a folder. homer@deusexmachina ~/Documents $ find /usr/share/backgrounds -name “*.png” /usr/share/backgrounds/linuxmint-petra/linux_mint_16.png /usr/share/backgrounds/linuxmint-petra/petra.png /usr/share/backgrounds/warty-final-ubuntu.png And using wildcards to find all files with […]

Ubuntu wallpaper archive. This is very cool if you want an old Ubuntu wallpaper for your PC.

This website: is an archive of all wallpapers used by the Ubuntu distribution from Ubuntu 4.10 “Warty Warthog” to Ubuntu 10.10 “Maverick Meerkat”. Very cool if you want to see the classic old Ubuntu wallpapers that older releases used. Even the Ubuntu calendar wallpapers are present. These were removed from the Ubuntu repositories after […]

Thoughts on the new Apple SSL vulnerability.

The new Apple SSL vulnerability is a concerning bug in the Apple Macintosh iOS and desktop operating systems. This allows SSL spoofing as it will allow a faked SSL vulnerability to pass as a real one. Apparently it uses ports 1266 & 1267, if you block these with your firewall, this should alleviate this threat […]

How I got the ATI graphics working again with the 3.13 kernel on Fedora 20.

I recently updated to the 3.13 kernel on Fedora Core 20 and the 12.1 ATI drivers stopped working. I fixed this by downloading the 14.1 beta drivers which support that kernel. Download this here: This works perfectly for those Fedora 20 users like me who are also affected by this update. Just uninstall the […]

The new Ubuntu 14.04 Unity desktop. Some cool new features.

The new Ubuntu 14.04 Unity desktop has some cool features. The icons on the sidebar launcher may be re-sized to 16 pixels in size. This allows the launcher bar to take up even less space. And the new 3.13 kernel includes many enhancements over the old 3.12 release. Firefox 25.0 is the standard browser for […]

How to use ipgrab to capture TCP packets that are travelling through a network interface.

How to use ipgrab to capture TCP packets. The ipgrab command when run as root is very useful for capturing information about network packets that are travelling through your network interfaces. In this example I am capturing packets from my wlan0 interface. homer@homer-eME730:~$ sudo ipgrab -i wlan0 > cap.log Here is a sample of the […]

How to convert a midi file to ogg or flac with Timidity.

This is how to use Timidity to convert a MIDI file into an ogg vorbis audio file. This is very useful for playing them with Banshee or Audacious. [homer@localhost Documents]$ timidity sound009.mid -Ov -o blood009.ogg Playing sound009.mid MIDI file: sound009.mid Format: 1 Tracks: 10 Divisions: 480 Sequence: Seq-1 Track name: Track-5 Track name: Track-7 Track […]

ASUS and Linksys router vulnerabilities leaving computer users exposed.

The many vulnerabilities uncovered that allow malicious read-write access to hard drives connected to ASUS routers continues to be a dangerous thing that needs to be addressed. There is a patch for ASUS routers that patches this vulnerability; but it is up to the users to install this patch. This is far too easy to […]