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Ubuntu 16.04 new Unity 8 theme (official)

Instructional Design and Technology – A High level overview

A high level overview of Instructional design and technology.

10 Easy Logo Designing Tips.

Creating your own logo for your company which needs to make its debut on the internet is a challenge which can be met. When it responds positively to your mission, the rewards can be exponential in more ways than one. To get your creative juices flowing and to begin to answer your predictable question of […]

Some more obscure Linux commands that are very useful.

The logsave command will print the output of a command to a file. This will also add a timestamp to the logfile telling the system administrator when the command was run. logsave /var/log/partsize df –h This is an example, the output of the command is also printed to STDOUT. jason@ubuntu:~$ logsave partsize /bin/df -h Filesystem […]

How to have practically no weapon sway or recoil in an Arma 3 mission.

The weapon sway in Arma 3 is out of control right now. With the 1.54 Nexus update, the weapon sway is like a drunken Irishman. But you can remove this. player setCustomAimCoef 0.1; player addMPEventhandler ["MPRespawn", {player setCustomAimCoef 0.1}];   player setUnitRecoilCoefficient 0.1; player addEventHandler ["Respawn", {player setUnitRecoilCoefficient 0.1}];   player enablestamina false player addEventHandler […]

Useful tips and tricks for the UNIX VIM editor.

When in command mode, press the u key to undo the last change to a file. Press U to undo last change(s) on a line. To open a file at a certain line, start it like this: vim +567 file.txt. This will open the file file.txt on line 567. Using the VIM editor for Linux […]

How to generate a random password using the command line.

The shuf command for Linux allows a command-line user to select a given number of random words from a wordlist. [jason@localhost ~]$ shuf -n 8 /usr/share/dict/words amphivasal thoracically U. bluet Dabih thioamid taxiing convictism This can be used to generate a word based password using piping. The example below shows how to generate a random […]

How to add a Red Hat Linux 7.2 subscription after installation.

To add a subscription after installing Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.2, type this command as root. [root@localhost jason]# subscription-manager register –username USERNAME –password "PASSWORD" This will setup your Red Hat subscription. Then enter this command. This will refresh all of the information on your machine. [root@localhost jason]# subscription-manager refresh And finally, run this command to […]

Encryption under threat after latest Paris terror attacks.

The latest Paris terrorist attacks are the impetus for more discussion about encryption. It is claimed that the terrorists used services such as TOR or a VPN to hide their traffic on the Internet when discussing their plans before the attacks. This will of course lead to more plans to tighten Internet monitoring and restricting […]

New Linux ransomware targeting machines in the wild.

There is a new Linux ransomware in the wild that is targeting machines by encrypting the home directories and locking users out of their files until they visit a deep web site and pay a ransom. This is why you should have regular backups of your files in case your Linux directories are encrypted. the […]

How to setup NTP on Ubuntu to set the system time automatically.

To install NT on Linux and get the system time updating automatically, firstly install the NTP client. jason@darkstar:~$ sudo apt-get install ntp Then install the ntpdate utility. sudo apt-get install ntpdate Then you may synchronize the time on your machine with the Internet time server. jason@darkstar:~$ sudo ntpdate -s jason@darkstar:~$ ntpstat synchronised to NTP […]

More commands to get information about your network adapter.

There are a few commands available in Red Hat Linux to get information about your network adapter. Here are a couple. The ifstat command returns information about the network throughput of your adapter. [jason@darknet ~]$ ifstat #kernel Interface RX Pkts/Rate TX Pkts/Rate RX Data/Rate TX Data/Rate RX Errs/Drop TX Errs/Drop RX Over/Rate TX Coll/Rate lo […]

Firefox tips and tricks for habitual Internet users.

To open the Firefox developer tools, press Ctrl-Shift-K. This is good if you have Firebug installed, as F12 will open it instead. To take a full-page screenshot of a web site, press Shift-F2 and then type this command and hit press ENTER. screenshot –fullpage This will be saved in the ~/Downloads folder by default. There […]

How to display excerpts in WordPress posts.

To display post excerpts in WordPress, put this code in the index.php <?php if(is_single() || is_page()) { ?> <?php the_content(__('(more…)’)); ?> <?php } else { ?> <?php the_excerpt(__('(more…)’)); ?> <? } ?> This will display full posts when the post is clicked, but excerpts on the main blog page. This is a simple way to […]

How to set an IP address for a VLAN on a Cisco 2960G switch.

To set an IP address on a VLAN on a Cisco switch, firstly access the configuration section for the VLAN in configuration mode. arya(config)#interface vlan 1 Then the administrator may set an IP address for the VLAN. arya(config-if)#ip address Then you are all set. To save the running configuration of the switch, use […]