Why you should always turn off WPS on your wireless network.

Many people are using wireless networks with WPS turned on. This allows a user to enter a pin or press a button to allow a new device to connect. But this approach will fall easily to brute force attacks unless the router has rate limiting enabled, this prevents brute forcing the WIFI, although even this […]

How to embed one file inside another with steghide.

The steghide application for Linux allows a user to embed a file inside an image that may then be retrieved by another person who knows the passphrase. The example below shows how to embed one image inside another. I am sending a secret image, a Gnome icon of an AC adapter and I am embedding […]

Some awesome Android or Apple wallpapers for your phone.

Sun shining through grapes on the vine: Wallpaper. Black and white brick wall wallpaper: Wallpaper. Amanita mushrooms and glowing butterflies: Wallpaper. Concrete texture 1080p: Wallpaper. Old Ford car dashboard: Wallpaper. Rocky Mountains mobile wallpaper 1080p: Wallpaper. Railroad tracks glowing in afternoon light: Wallpaper. Push for the end mobile wallpaper: Wallpaper. More HD mobile wallpapers: http://mwp4.me/1080×1920/. […]

Simple program to return the IP address of an interface.

This program will return the IP address of a specified network interface. Use the –ip parameter to get the IP. For example, this will show the IP address of an ethernet interface: ./a.out –ip eth0. #include <stdio.h> #include <string.h> /* for strncpy */ #include <unistd.h> // for close #include <sys/types.h> #include <sys/socket.h> #include <sys/ioctl.h> #include […]

Linux Nvidia drivers not working too well in Ubuntu 15.04.

The Nvidia drivers I am using with my Nvidia GT 740 are not working too well at the moment. I have to use nomodeset to get the desktop to come up. That is very annoying when the card works perfectly on Windows. That really needs to be fixed, Ubuntu is not a proper contender for […]

How to disable the su to root in Linux using PAM.

The default Linux behavior allows the user to gain root access by typing su and entering the root password to gain a root prompt. If you wish to disable this behavior, then run this command: vim.tiny /etc/pam.d/su then uncomment this line: #auth required pam_wheel.so use_uid This will require a user to login as root at […]

Linux command line in Mr Robot. Showing some accurate Linux usage.

Linux command line in Mr Robot. This directory listing is showing a few files under the /opt/2/task/2/fd1info directory. The fsociety file is the one he was looking for. This file is only 4096 bytes in size, so does not contain too much juicy information. Or does it? The screenshot below, shows a computer store in […]

Some modern themes for your Linux desktop.

Themes This blog post: http://jfnlinuxproject.blogspot.com.au/2015/01/windows-10-theme.html has a list of links and screenshots that show a themed desktop that looks roughly like Windows 10. This does need more work. But I am sure that you could make a Linux desktop resemble Windows 10 if you so wished. In time, there will be an actual Windows 10 […]

Find where an executable is on your Linux system.

Finding the location of an installed program can be annoying. But this is how to find where a program is. The whereis(1) command will print out the installed locations of various programs. darkstar:~/Documents> whereis tcsh tcsh: /usr/bin/tcsh /bin/tcsh /usr/share/man/man1/tcsh.1.gz The find command will also allow you to locate an executable. darkstar:~/Documents> find /bin -name "ls" […]

How to fork off a process from a program in C. Simple netcat example.

This post will explain how to fork() off a daemon process from a program in C. This is good if you wish to run a process on a machine after the program has finished and you have been returned to the command prompt. The sample program below uses the int daemon(int nochdir, int noclose); function […]

A simple random number routine in C.

This is a simple random number example in C. This will print a random number from 1 – 64. #include <stdio.h> #include <stdlib.h>   int main (void) {   srand(time(NULL)); int r = rand() % 64;   printf("Random INT: %i\n", r);   return 0; } This code is a simple netcat implementation that will open […]

Cracking an SSH login using hydra on Debian GNU/Linux.

The hydra brute forcing program allows a user to attack a login trying many passwords until the correct login information is discovered. I have tried this on localhost and I managed to crack the password for my SSH login on my laptop. I used rockyou.txt downloaded from this website and I had to add my […]

Useful C tricks and code samples.

How to define a string and print it out with the printf() function. #include <stdio.h>   /* Defining a global string. */   #define hi "Hello Sire."   int main(void) { /* Printing out the string. */ printf("%s\n", hi);   return 0; } How to run the /bin/sh executable with some C code. #include <stdlib.h> […]

Debian 8 still stores WIFI passwords in plain text.

The /etc/NetworkManager/system-connections directory in Debian and Ubuntu stores files that are named after the WIFI networks you have connected to. These contain the passwords for the wireless networks that your machine has connected to. Here is a sample file. [connection] id=detportal uuid=539c7711-95ba-4f0a-8797-33d32ec779d7 type=802-11-wireless   [802-11-wireless] ssid=detportal mode=infrastructure security=802-11-wireless-security   [802-11-wireless-security] key-mgmt=wpa-psk psk=detportal   [ipv4] method=auto […]

Get hardware information with the Linux command line on Debian.

The hwinfo command for Linux will allow the user to get hardware information from the command line. Type sudo apt-get install hwinfo to install this command. It will be installed in the /sbin directory and therefore, you will need superuser privileges to execute this command and get the hardware information. jason@darkstar:~$ sudo apt-get install hwinfo […]