Some alternative window managers for Linux and UNIX machines.

The FVWM window manager is a light alternative to the bloated default Ubuntu desktop. This is a window manager like TWM, but with more features. Download a copy and get more information here: TWM is the default window manager that ships with the Xorg distribution. This is a very simplistic window manager that has […]

How to perform a scan with nmap and some useful nmap tips for probing a computer.

To send a SYN packet to a computer on a network, use this command. nmap -sS -v If you want to send SYN packets to a range of IP addresses, this is the command to use. nmap -sS -v This will send SYN packets to the IP addresses in the range between […]

How to perform the same task as wget using Windows 10 and Powershell 5.0.

The Windows 10 Powershell command prompt has a cmdlet named Invoke-WebRequest, this allows a user to download a link using Powershell. This will download a web link with a very fast transfer rate. Making this a very good way to retrieve a web link. Below is an example downloading a link from I am […]

Easy way to setup a working OpenVPN configuration on Ubuntu server on Amazon AWS.

Amazon Web Services offer cloud based servers that allow a user to easily setup a remote Linux server and host a VPN to use an unfiltered Internet connection that can pass through a proxy if you use port 443. This script is from, I had to fix one line in it to get the […]

Website upgraded to https. Now I have a more secure website.

I have upgraded my website with an SSL certificate. If there are any problems experienced, please let me know.

Good alternative to the Problem Steps Recorder for Windows.

The Windows Problem Steps Recorder can have issues with missing screenshots when you are attempting to record steps to document a process on Windows. The Imago steps recorder, available here: is a good alternative. This only creates a folder full of screenshots, but the area of the window clicked is highlighted. This is a […]

Linux Mint 14.10 MATE installation and overview of the new release.

A video of the installation and use of the new Ubuntu 14.10 MATE release. This Linux distribution is very promising and looks to be a good alternative to the Linux Mint MATE distribution. See the video here:

How to show the routing table on Linux with the bash command shell.

Netscape Navigator install floppies.

The netstat command may be used to show the routing tables for your network connection easily. Use the netstat -r command to achieve this. iMac05:~ admin$ netstat -r Routing tables Internet: Destination Gateway Flags Refs Use Netif Expire default UGSc 31 0 en0 127 localhost UCS 0 0 lo0 localhost localhost UH 0 0 […]

Happy Birthday Ubuntu! 10 years of Linux goodness.

The Ubuntu Linux distribution has turned 10. This distribution of the Linux kernel and various user-space tools is the one one thing that has really spurred interest in Linux on the desktop. I just wish that you could get the newer desktops to look just like the classic Ubuntu 5.10 Gnome 2 desktop. But Unity […]

What the insides of the new 5K iMac look like.

The new 5K iMac looks very simplistic when you take the screen out. There is one hard disk drive and one cooling fan that takes hot air away from the CPU. The main selling point of the new iMac is the 5K screen, not the Darwin UNIX based OSX operating system or the ease of […]

How to change the default shell for new users on your Ubuntu Linux system.

The useradd command is used to add new users on your Linux system. But it can be used for other things too. You may display the defaults for new users. jason-H55-USB3% sudo useradd -D GROUP=100 HOME=/home INACTIVE=-1 EXPIRE= SHELL=/bin/sh SKEL=/etc/skel CREATE_MAIL_SPOOL=no Use the -s parameter to useradd and this will change the default shell for […]

How to uninstall a package in Ubuntu.

To remove a package in Ubuntu, use the sudo apt-get remove command. This will uninstall the package. jason-H55-USB3 [mc] ~ 14-10-18 8:47PM jason-H55-USB3% sudo apt-get remove linphone Reading package lists… Done Building dependency tree Reading state information… Done The following packages were automatically installed and are no longer required: libexosip2-10 liblinphone5 libmediastreamer-base3 libortp9 libosip2-10 libupnp6 […]

Using the route command on Linux to show the routing table.

The route command on Linux will show the kernel routing table, this is very useful as in my case, when you are using a VPN and you need to see the routing table. This is an example, I am viewing the routing table on my Ubuntu 14.04 machine running OpenVPN. jason-H55-USB3 [route -v] ~ 14-10-17 […]

Cool Linux tricks and hacks for the desktop and server user.

Using the shellshock bash bug on an iMac. iMac04:~ admin$ env VAR1=’me() {echo “hello”}\ ‘ /bin/echo “hello” hello Getting free hard disk space easily. iMac04:~ admin$ df -Hla Filesystem Size Used Avail Capacity iused ifree %iused Mounted on /dev/disk0s2 89G 64G 25G 73% 15757422 6089307 72% / /dev/disk0s4 410G 4.7G 405G 2% 1147839 98859403 1% […]

Use iperf to check the bandwidth between two servers over the Internet.

The iperf utility is used to transfer data from one machine to another over the Internet. This is a client-server utility and is the go-to utility to test a Wide Area Network connection. To use this, type sudo apt-get install iperf. Then open port 5001 in your router and/or firewall to allow the incoming connection […]