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Linux tips and tricks for all users.

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The Iron Man 3 movie showing off Sun Oracle server racks.

The Iron Man 3 movie showing off Sun Sparc server racks. This movie has some strange ideas about IP addresses; but the other things are pretty good. But this is obvious product placement. Below is a real Sun Oracle server for comparison with the server in the movie.

Iron Man 3 computer portrayal and the use of IP addresses in the movie.

The Iron man 3 movie shows Tony Stark using a computer with IP addresses that have numbers greater than 255. This is not possible; the largest number you can have is There is another scene where he is using Speedtest.net. This is a strange thing for a defense login screen to have. The main […]

Useful information about your Linux file-system and other useful Linux tips.

A Linux installation contains many useful manual pages that provide much useful information to help you find your way around your Linux file-system. The man hier command will load the hier(7) manual page that contains a full listing of all directories on your Linux system and what their role is in the file-system hierarchy. The […]

Blind man implanted with CCD and hungry black hole swallowing a star.

A blind man has been fitted with a cybernetic implant, a microchip implanted on his retina, allowing him limited vision. This is the beginning of a future where the blind can see again with cybernetic implants meaning such a disability will not be permanent in the future. The implants at the moment do not have […]