Arma Reforger tips and tricks to help out in multiplayer.

Some very useful tips for players of Arma Reforger. How to place mines and some other useful tips. US Army radio protocol and adjust the FOV easily & manual gears.

  1. Anti-Tank mines
  2. Gameplay options – adjust FOV and manual gear changes
  3. How to use mines in Arma Reforger.
  4. US Army Radio protocol
  5. Gamepad controls

Anti-Tank mines

There are a few new features in Arma Reforger. One of them is the Mines. They are anti-tank mines and may be collected from an explosives box.

Arma Reforger hot bar with a couple of mines.

Put the mines in your inventory, you can not have a launcher when trying this, you need space to hold a mine. Then switch to the appropriate slot to select a mine. Once selected you will see an outline of a mine. When this turns blue, you may press fire to place a mine on the ground and arm it. Then crouch over the mine and interact with it to place a flag on the mine. The mines may be shot to detonate them, this is how to clear them easily. You may carry one spare mine in a backpack as well. This means you can carry 3 mines in total. It is a shame you can not bury them, they would be buried in a shallow depression in the ground. The image below shows how the mines could be booby-trapped to kill someone who tries to remove them.

How mines can be booby trapped.
Booby-trapping Anti-Tank mines.
  • If you carry a radio backpack, this allows other players to respawn on your position.
  • Press and hold Y to open the Armavision interface, this is great to light up an area and spot enemy players at night time.
  • Press the middle mouse button or LB + RB to perform a melee attack with your weapon. This is very useful if you sneak up on someone.
  • Hold LT to hold up your gun and look down the sights.
  • Y + LB will open the chat for Xbox players.
  • If you grab an enemy backpack radio, you may listen in on enemy communications.

Gameplay options – adjust FOV and manual gear changes

The options below allow adjustment of the FOV. Set up like the picture below, this will zoom the FOV in as much as possible, this makes it easier to see a target in the distance.

Arma Reforger gameplay options. Adjusting FOV.

Turn off Vehicle Driving Assistance to enable manual gear shifting. This enables good control of vehicle speed when going uphill.

If you remove a magazine from a weapon, there will still be a round in the chamber.

How to use mines in Arma Reforger.

Using the new mines in Reforger.

US Army Radio protocol

The standard “NATO” phonetic alphabet (actually the International Radio-Telephony Spelling Alphabet) is:

Alfa, Bravo, Charlie, Delta, Echo, Foxtrot, Golf, Hotel, India, Juliett, Kilo, Lima, Mike, November, Oscar, Papa, Quebec, Romeo, Sierra, Tango, Uniform, Victor, Whiskey, X-ray, Yankee, Zulu.

Numbers are pronounced as normal, except often 9 is pronounced “Niner” so it doesn’t get confused with 5. It is called the “NATO” alphabet because it was standardized by the NATO member countries back in the 1950s to allow the accurate exchange of radio messages between air, naval, and army forces of all the NATO member nations. They had to make sure that each chosen word sounded different to the others, and was easily pronounceable by speakers of all the European languages, not just in English. It is now very widely used by all types of “professional communicators” including air traffic control, the police, other emergency services, shipping, etc, and in all types of business.

In Reforger, it is possible to change the frequency of a backpack radio to another unused frequency and then tell everyone in a group to use the frequency to keep comms off standard frequencies. If you used 60 megahertz this would be quiet and would not annoy others. I do not know why the US radios can not use the NESTOR voice encryption when this was used in Vietnam.

Build an antenna installation in bases to extend the radio range in the Conflict game mode.

Press G on the PC to open the radio UI and use the mouse wheel to change the frequency.

Selecting the radio and the frequency in Reforger.

Gamepad controls


  • Perform Action Y
  • Focus LT
  • Focus While Driving R3
  • Freelook Right Analog Stick
  • Toggle Perspective R3 (Double)
  • Chat Y + LB
  • Show Player List Menu Button + RB
  • Select Direct/Radio Talk LB (Hold) | B
  • Select Active Radio LB (Hold) | X


  • Open Inventory View Button
  • Quick Slots View Button (Hold)
  • Use Item X
  • Toggle Sights LT
  • Sights (Hold) LT (Hold)


  • Movement Left Analog Stick
  • Sprint L3
  • Toggle Sprint L3
  • Jump A
  • Adjust Stance RB + Right Analog Stick Up or Down
  • Crouch or Stand B
  • Prone B (Hold)
  • Adjust Leaning RB | Right Analog Stick Left or Right
  • Point With Finger Briefly RB + D-Pad Right
  • Point With Finger Briefly Continuously RB + D-Pad Right (Hold)


  • Accelerate RT
  • Brake/Reverse LT
  • Full Throttle RT
  • Exit Vehicle B
  • Handbrake A
  • Persistent Handbrake RB + A
  • Start Engine RB + Y (Hold)
  • Stop Engine RB + Y
  • Sound Horn L3
  • Lights X