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How to get an instant full heal with Ace 3 in Arma 3.

Arma 3 and ACE mod is very nice to play with. but healing can be a problem sometimes. This tip will provide a healing area that will instantly heal any player that enters the area.

ACE3 healing area trigger.

This is how to set up a healing trigger for ACE 3.

Use the code below actually to heal the player when they enter a healing tent. Place the Medical Tent over the trigger and then this will be complete.

{_x call ace_medical_treatment_fnc_fullHealLocal} foreach thislist;

Put this code in the init of a crate and this will become a rearm point for vehicles.

[this, 5000] call ace_rearm_fnc_makeSource;

The rearm capacity is set to 5000, and just press the windows key when you are very close and choose Interactions->Rearm.

Create a nice refuel point with ACE 3 in EDEN editor.

Place the small railway fuel car, Land_RailwayCar_01_tank_F. Then put the code below in the init. This will allow a fuel point with a capacity of 8000. This works very well.

[this, 8000] call ace_refuel_fnc_makeSource;

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