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A very nice free VPN option for using overseas websites easily.

I have found a very nice free VPN option to allow an Internet user to access a website based in another country, or to access a Youtube video that may be blocked in your region. Go to VPNbook and find VPN templates that may be used with OpenVPN to allow instant access to a website based in Europe or America from overseas. There are VPN bundles available for Europe and the US. The speed is fine and this allows a user to access Google in French. Just the thing if you do not want to pay for NordVPN and the other overhyped products. This is just perfect if simple Internet access is required and just getting another IP address is all that is required.

Just run OpenVPN as root with an OpenVPN file as shown in this example and it will connect.

[root@localhost vpnbook-openvpn-fr1]# openvpn vpnbook-fr1-udp25000.ovpn

This is very simple. Enter the username and password printed on the website and then you are all set.

Connected to my VPN and getting an IP address.
Connected to my VPN and got an IP address.

Find this product here:

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