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Hyprland is a very nice new Wayland compositor for Linux.

Hyperland is an awesome new compositor for Wayland, this has a lot of new interesting features. It is a tiling window manager for Wayland that is very attractive and useful. There is a top bar to display the date/time and the notification area. It is amazing that open-source programmers can create such an amazing window manager. I just wish that Wayland was more stable and usable. I had a lot of issues when I tried it out., and not all applications would work properly when they were running on top of Wayland. Normal Xorg works just fine on the Linux desktop, I think that Wayland needs a lot of work, it needs to be tested before deployment with various desktop environments, then it might be better in the long run.

See it here:

MATE does not work properly on Wayland either, this is quite an issue. But the individual apps will run on Wayland fine. The Nvidia settings application will not run on Wayland, which is a real problem, this means that I would not be able to control the Nvidia fan speed under Wayland. Maybe this will be addressed in the future.

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