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New Windows leak. 64-bit Windows 2000 for the DEC Alpha.

A new 64-bit version of Windows just leaked for an early build of Windows XP, fully 64-bit for the DEC Alpha architecture. This would be very interesting to look at, a nice 64-bit capable version of Windows version 5.00.2210 for DEC Alpha. I wonder if this could be virtualized in Qemu. I would love to look at this. It is called Windows 2001 Professional. I do wish that Windows 11 could use the theme that Windows XP can with the classic theme. That would look great. An ISO image has not leaked yet, which is a shame. This build can only run 64-bit DEC Alpha binaries. But this is fine, having a copy of a rare Windows build is amazing enough. There was a 64-bit copy of Windows XP as well. This is fairly rare. This means that there could have been a fully 64-bit version of Windows even earlier than we thought. Windows 2000 had the best look, it was very professional, then Windows 2012 server went off the rails and added the Metro interface and this was very strange. I guess the tiles on the Metro screen could have been used to display server information though.

Why was this not done? And why would a serious server OS have the Metro screen? That was just forcing it into everything. if you could pin the Metro tiles to the desktop, this would have been OK. Or if they did not add a mobile interface to a server operating system, this would have been better. Of course, a user could just install Windows Server with the command line only and then install Active Directory this way. That works perfectly. Qemu does support the DEC Alpha CPU architecture, so it might be possible to install this in a virtual machine and get some screenshots. Unless there was a nice DEC Alpha computer on eBay that could run this very old version of Windows 2001.

64-bit Windows 2001 server splash screen.

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