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Debian Linux and Ubuntu issues.

I am posting a Debian Video right now, as I am seriously considering swapping Linux Mint for this distribution, it would provide the apt system for easy installation of software and solid stable and reliable kernel releases. I was considering BSD, but Linux is easier to install and use I think and would still be […]

Mozilla Labs Add-On Provides A/V Recording From the Browser. Mozilla labs are promoting a plugin for Firefox that will allow any website to be able to capture audio and video from the browser. But you can already do this with Youtube web-cam upload and many other sites I am sure, but with this add-on you could not be totally sure if the webcam […]

View of Earth from space.

I have changed my header graphics and the CSS code once again and it looks a bit more stylish, with the simpler bevelled title graphic. I need to keep it simple and have a stylish looking website, with not too many graphics so that is loads quickly. I am posting this HD video of the […]

Xerox Star computer system circa 1982. A predecessor of modern computer systems.

The Xerox Star system of 1982 was the first to have a GUI with a mouse and keyboard operating icons on the screen, which was then copied by Apple Corporation to create the Apple interface. This was later the inspiration for the Windows operating system with it’s icons and mouse control. But it was a […]

London Stock Exchange switching to Linux.

I saw this on Slashdot. LingNoi writes with this excerpt from ComputerWorld UK:“The London Stock Exchange has said its new Linux-based system is delivering world record networking speed, with 126 microsecond trading times. The news comes ahead a major Linux-based switchover in twelve days, during which the open source system will replace Microsoft .Net technology on […]

NASA goes Galactic?

Nasa has announced that they have long term plans to build a spaceship capable of travelling to other planets. They want to investigate other forms of propulsion, such as electricity. As storing Hydrogen for long periods is apparently not the right thing to do. If we were not wasting billions of dollars on a pointless […]

Gaming on Gentoo Linux.

We can game on Linux too. Gaming with Unreal Tournament 2004 on Debian GNU/Linux showing that you can play games on the free operating system as well as on Windows. UT 2004 has huge levels reminiscent of Tribes and sniping other players in those Duke3D styled flying machines and running on the ground is heaps […]

Lord of the Rings & Linux.

I have just bought Lord of the Rings The Two Towers on DVD and it is amazing how much stuff they cut out of the theatrical release of the films. Especially Sam & Pippin discovering Sarumans stash of food and Longbottom leaf. This blog is still going ahead despite all of the haters and trolls […]

Linux Mint 10 released.

This is looking to be an awesome Linux release, including Video codecs and flash plugins in the release means that you can be online and watching the OSGUI tech show in no time, in Windows XP, which I have recently re-installed, I have had to go online and download the flash plugins to get Youtube […]

Database woes.

So an error with the CpanelX has wiped out my database, I need to start again, but it will be possible and I will look on the bright side and not get bogged down. I can recover some of my posts from a google cached page and keep going from here. It is annoying enough […]

Greg Kroah Hartman on the Linux Kernel

Google Tech TalksJune, 5 2008 ABSTRACT The Linux Kernel, who is developing it, how they are doing it,and why you should care. This talk describes the rate of development for the Linuxkernel, and how the development model is set up to handle such alarge and diverse developer population and huge rate of change.It will detail […]