Getting the clock speed of your machine using the dmidecode command.

Getting the clock speed of your machine using the dmidecode command for Linux.

This command-line example shows that we are using the dmidecode command to get the current clock speed for our machine. This also shows some creative use of the sed command to parse the output and change the “Current Speed” text string to “Clock Speed” just for fun.

root@deusexmachina:/home/neo# dmidecode | grep -m1 "Current Speed" | sed s"/Current Speed/Clock Speed/gi";

This is another way to retrieve this information, using cat to read the /proc/cpuinfo file.

root@deusexmachina:/home/neo# cat /proc/cpuinfo |grep -m1 "@"
model name	: Intel(R) Core(TM) i3 CPU         530  @ 2.93GHz

This command will show the maximum amount of Random Access Memory supported by your computers motherboard.

root@deusexmachina:/home/neo# dmidecode | grep -m1 "Maximum Capacity" | sed s"/Maximum Capacity/Total RAM Capacity/gi";
Total RAM Capacity: 32 GB

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