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How to read ABC news items with the command line.

Reading a list of ABC News items with the command line is very easy. The example below uses xmlstarlet to parse an XML RSS feed and then return a listing of all news item titles.

└─$ curl -s | xmlstarlet sel -T -t -v '/rss/channel/item/title'
Man, 32, in custody after woman's body found in Penrith unit
Plants and pelicans: Why don't Australian deserts look like the Sahara?
Australia misses 20-year target to make all train stations accessible, so Sarah-Jane has to 'get creative'
Stephen Crichton to leave Panthers at end of 2023 NRL season
Husband of Vanessa Tadros pays tribute to his 'beautiful rose' before returning to son's bedside
Perrottet says he can't remember who attended 21st birthday party where he wore Nazi uniform
From the Black Sea to Aussie beaches: Ukrainian refugees get familiar with the ocean
NSW Labor says Perrottet should not resign over Nazi uniform scandal
Pell reformed the Vatican's finances, but this expert says he also slowed other necessary reforms
The five ingredients Nagi from RecipeTinEats always has on hand
Doubts over true carbon offsets persist, as farmers weigh up Chubb review findings
NSW premier digs in amid revelation costume leak came from Liberal colleague
New South Wales launches new, simpler online reporting system for sexual assault survivors 
'The missing Year of the Cat': Why some Vietnamese Australians feel left out of Lunar New Year celebrations
 'It's giving Great Depression': Why is TikTok obsessed with tinned fish date nights?
Jewish community 'in tears' and Perrottet's career in turmoil over Nazi uniform 'mistake' 
Sexual assault case against Sri Lankan cricketer adjourned for prosecutors to collate evidence 
Australian-first trial of anal cancer therapy hopes to make the disease history
Inside the ornate Sydney crypt where Cardinal Pell will be buried
Do mozzies always target you? You've probably got stinkier skin
Sydney's big shiver: City to set 140-year record of days below 30C
NSW Labor candidate cleared of corruption allegations aired in parliament
Police say alleged murder motivated by jewellery and money as man charged 12 months after stabbing
Sydney developer wins stay against suspension of building licence
Jennifer's near-fatal experience was almost missed by doctors. Here's why

This is great.

This is the actual command string.

curl -s | xmlstarlet sel -T -t -v '/rss/channel/item/title'

This is very simple. This extracts all items inside the <title></title> tags. This works perfectly. It even skips the heading inside those same tags.

And for the BBC news site, this also works a treat.

└─$ curl -s | xmlstarlet sel -T -t -v '/rss/channel/item/title'
David Carrick: Met investigating 800 officers over abuse claims
UK government to block Scottish gender bill
Teachers from NEU union to strike in England and Wales
Ukraine: Military hardware donations weaken Army - UK chief
Bank of England governor warns of Truss hangover effect
Andrew Tate: Bodyguard says 'Some girls thought they'd be his next wife'
Nurses' strike: New dates as union escalates dispute
Shock at image of Ukraine kitchen wrecked by attack
Nepal plane crash: Briton among dozens who died
Italy's most-wanted Mafia boss Matteo Messina Denaro arrested in Sicily
Ukraine war: Russia's Wagner Group commander requests Norway asylum
Jeremy Clarkson says he apologised to Harry and Meghan for Sun column
Boris Johnson writing memoir about his time as PM
Cost of living: The young people saving money by going sober
Cost of living: What do I do if I can't afford to pay my debts?
Dr Ranj: Four ways to protect your mental health as debt rises
Cost of living: The father and son who write poetry for tough times
The Suffolk manor house where 60 people live together
Cost of living: 'We had to bath our kids in the kitchen sink'
Repairing broken gadgets for a greener future
What is the energy price cap and what will happen to bills?
Mortgage rate pain: 'Our home buying plans were shot down'
Can batch cooking help cut your shopping bills?
Energy bills: What cost-of-living payments are available and how do you claim?
UK inflation rate calculator: How much are prices rising for you?
Shower at home vs at the gym: What’s cheaper?
What is the UK inflation rate and why is the cost of living rising?
Warm winter may lower energy bills later this year
BBC Food's family £1 recipe meal plan
Teachers' strikes: When and why are teachers striking?
David Carrick: The serial rapist and abuser in a police uniform
The green trade row dividing the Davos elite
NHS crisis: The medics trying to fix the health service
Australian woman's record-breaking run from continent's 'tip to toe'
Love Island: Will social media ban protect islanders?
CCTV shows people fleeing drive-by shooting outside church
Twitter: Five ways Elon Musk has changed the platform for users
Can humanity's new giant leap into space succeed?
The art school reject who became one of the world's top glass artists
Martin Luther King: Surprising facts about civil rights icon
The Last of Us: TV series of hit game praised by critics
Owen Farrell: England coach Steve Borthwick stresses captain's important contribution
Alessia Russo: Fifa Puskas award recognition 'huge' for women's game
Mykhailo Mudryk: Shakhtar Donetsk pledge £22m to Ukraine war effort after Chelsea transfer
Australian Open 2023: Andy Murray faces tough start against Matteo Berrettini
Everton to review security after threat to directors' safety at Southampton game
Eddie Jones: 'Australia need former England coach to win back hearts of public'
Women's Super League: Sam Kerr and Gabby George feature in best goals

This is an easy way to check the news on Linux.

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