Some miscellaneous information technology related links for the IT Admin.

  1. Useful web links.
  2. Misc web links.

Creating VLANS on Catalyst switches:

How to create a WIFI hotspot with a MikroTik router and RouterOS:

How to enable PHP 5.3+ on Hostgator:

How to use the UNIX ed editor on Linux:

How to use Powershell on Windows to determine drive fragmentation: Microsoft Technet.

Install Apache2 with MySQL on Debian and create a LAMP server:

How to change a MySQL user password using the MySQL command-line:

Change Ubuntu Server from DHCP to a static IP address: Very useful on an internal network. Good for keeping the same IP address for a specific requirement.

8 deadly commands that you should never run on Linux:

News for nerds, stuff that matters.

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