Some very useful online AI tools for creating and working with images.

  1. AI upscaling tools
  2. AI image generation tools
  3. Stable Diffusion setup and recommended hardware

AI is taking over the world, and here are some handy online AI tools for those of you working with images.

AI upscaling tools

This site has the best AI upscaling tool I have seen: This can scale images up by a lot and do a great job as well. It has a face-enhancing feature and many proper modes for upscaling photos or anime images.

AI image generation tools

There is a Stable Diffusion system for generating images.

Stable Diffusion Guides.
Upscaling images:
Textual inversion:

Stable Diffusion Local install
GPU: |

AMD GPU Guides

Cloud Hosted Install

SaaS Sites
txt2img: | | | (NSFW)
inpainting: |


Textual Inversion


Stable Diffusion running locally needs at least 10 GiB of VRAM in a dedicated GPU to run efficiently. You can create a 512×512 image with less, but higher resolutions would require far more memory. A GeForce RTX 3080 should be enough to get started. For AMD users, an AMD Radeon™ RX 6950 XT Desktop Graphics Card would be fine.

Stable Diffusion installation guide for Linux.

Online example: This is very good for generating images of nature.

A forest scene generated with Stable Diffusion.

Another good AI tool is Dall.E 2 This can generate amazing images, especially images of nature. This is an example of what it can generate.

This is a beautiful scene of a pond in the middle of the gardens. It is amazing that a computer with a GPU can generate such an image, but there we go. Even the reflections in the pond are correct. See this AI tool here: Sign up with a Google Account to use this tool and start generating quality artwork. This can also paint, this example shows how good it can be. So AI is the future of artwork? Yes.

And there is also the Night cafe image generator. This generates top-quality AI artwork.

An example of artwork created by Night cafe AI.

Create some artwork here:

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