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I have updated my kernel compilation page with a little more information about compiling a 2.4 kernel. I am not sure if anyone still does that, but I am maintaining my pages on my subdomain anyway as that area of my website still gets some traffic and I am seeing some clicks from my blog page to those pages occasionally. I have had Cloudflare enabled for a little while and I have noticed a dramatic drop in traffic compared to the May-August time period where there was about 60,000 visitors, but this must be the bot traffic that was stopped by the Cloudflare servers, leaving only human traffic and the search engine bots that crawl my website. I prefer human traffic to the bots, but only the spam bots should be stopped by that service. Having a CAPTCHA enabled on my blog might annoy some people, but if I had no spam countermeasures, the comments would be deluged with spam advertising all kinds of dubious drugs and websites. I do not mind comments on my blog, I encourage them, but I hate all the spam. The Akismet service I have enabled as well as the CAPTCHA helps cut down on this and leaves me with more time to post.

I have switched off the Cloudflare service temporarily and I have noticed on my end that the website loads a little quicker. But there have not been any problems reported with it enabled, but I want to see how the website traffic changes over time with it disabled so that I may judge the effect on my website. The Fedora Core 15 desktop I am running at the moment is working a heck of a lot better than the Ubuntu desktops I have used before. The Xmms music player is available as well as the Xv image viewer. Ubuntu has Audacious which is similar, but not as fast as Xmms 12.11. Getting back to my website, I had accidentally deleted one of my Linux pocketbook PDF files and then I had to log in to my shared hosting with ssh, then untar my backup and find the file, but I managed to recover the file and I have copied it back where it belongs.  See all of my PDF files here: This was a stupid thing to do, but this is why backups exist. I have fixed everything now and I just need to create another backup job and my files will be OK. So if you are running a website, make sure you have backups of all of your files, they do come in handy sometimes.

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