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Windows 10 nag screen close button was starting the upgrade.

The Windows 10 nag screen was using a dirty trick that involved having the close button to start the installation. This is very annoying, firstly, you click the upgrade now button and it starts the upgrade, but now the close button was starting the upgrade? That is one dirty trick indeed. Why are Microsoft so […]

What is new in the Ubuntu 16.10 release.

Ubuntu Desktop 16.10 Yakkety Yak Daily Build 29-04-2016.

Bashing Microsoft ‘like kicking a puppy’.

Microsoft used to be the top dog in the field of operating systems with their Windows releases that made computers easier to use than ever before. But nowadays, with Linux taking over on the embedded operating system front and Ubuntu becoming even more popular and the Google Android OS taking over the mobile market from […]

Here is a good little program I wrote in C. Just for fun.

Not a bad little program, and I got the code to work first time, not bad. Writing code in standard C is better than C++ or C#, the old C language is still the best. The whole Linux kernel is written in C and if it is good enough for that project, it is good […]

Musings on Linux in general.

Gentoo works perfectly well as a desktop operating system, I have Sabayon Linux which is based on Gentoo and would be good, as long as the Network manager works just as well as it does in Ubuntu and Linux Mint. Wicd is not as good as Networkmanager when it comes to using Wireless Broadband. I […]

Will we ever completely replace the hard drive?

I  am wondering, if due to the popularity of the SSD solid state hard drives, are we going to see the end of the conventional hard disk with metal platters and read-write heads that skitter over the surface floating on a cushion of air. The SSD drives are getting better and better but do not […]

Linux still a better option than Windows. The link above is to the Redhat 6.2 Linux distribution, the first version of Linux I used. It ran very well on a Celeron 600 with 64MB of RAM and integrated graphics. Linux has come so far since it was first released, the desktop has gotten even easier to use and with the release […]

C program to write a string to a file.

I think I may have posted this before, but this is a little program I am working on that writes a text string to a file. I have got it to work perfectly and it compiles without errors using gcc -Wall. /* * This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify * […]

Securing your GNU/Linux System.

Dragonfly BSD. One very secure operating system.This is running in qemu, the emulator for PC operating systems. It is a live CD and has the option to install the operating system or use the system as root. Once logged in you can use gcc and vi, all the familiar UNIX/GNU tools. I could get to […]

Set up the package manager in FreeBSD 10.3 after installation.

The package manager in FreeBSD 10.3 is very effective and easy to use for setting up your FreeBSD 10.3 system. Here is how to install it. type this command as root. pkg This will install the pkg package management system. Then, once that has completed, type this command to update the package repositories information. pkg […]

Windows 10 bash shell unimpressive to say the least.

The much-hyped Windows 10 bash shell is quite underwhelming to say the least. This is good as an SSH client and to browse the web using Lynx, but ping and ifconfig do not work at all. I could not get the MySQL server running either. This is what I get when trying to start the […]

Play a DVD with Smplayer on Ubuntu 16.04.

To play a DVD on Ubuntu 16.04, you will need to install the Libdvdcss library to enable encrypted DVD playback. This is very simple. Firstly, download the required library: Then move to the Downloads directory and extract the tarball. jason@jason-desktop:~$ tar -xvf libdvdcss-1.2.12.tar.bz2 Then move to the directory to compile the code. jason@jason-desktop:~$ cd […]

The best Linux Mint themes and wallpapers.

Misc themes Oxygen transparent KDE 4.0 theme. Uniq KDE 4.0 theme. Elegant Gnome pack. GTK 2.0 pack. Vertex theme pack. GTK 3.0 pack. CinnXP Luna theme. Make your Gnome/MATE desktop look like Windows XP. GTK 3.0 White theme. A GTK theme that looks like the OSX Aqua theme. Mintyfresh […]

Generate an assortment of random passwords with a simple command.

The pwgen command will generate a set of random passwords that may be used to secure your user account. Type this command to install this utility. root@DESKTOP-R72SPS3:~# apt-get install pwgen Now we can generate a few passwords. jason@DESKTOP-R72SPS3:/mnt/c/Users/johnc$ pwgen -s -v 79lZrgzb ctklTCV3 zX3nDCQr FXk5g7V8 v7Jd8QbW L9Zxrr86 79Q89Bdw pljWpST7 m64dX4MD GmD3RKjS M3dL6cZK C4mHWgzc DD36ppKM w37VmLV8 […]

Beautiful wallpapers for your Linux desktop.

A gorgeous terraced rice paddy in China I think: Beautiful farm gate photograph: Curving road in morning mist: Dual monitor corn field photograph: Man using a tin for target practice on his farm: Oil refinery gas flare: Arches national park Utah: More wallpaper posts. More awesome wallpapers for […]