How to get information about logins on your Linux system.

Reading information about logins on a Linux system is very useful when you are running a Linux machine. The last command will print information about logins on your Linux system. ubuntu ~ $ last ubuntu pts/0 ip-10-8-0-6.ap-s Sun Apr 19 10:25 still logged in   wtmp begins Sun Apr 19 10:25:42 2015 Run the lastlog […]

Linux desktop has not changed much in ten years.

Gnome Flashback Linux desktop.

The Linux desktop has really not changed much in ten years of development. There are the new Gnome Shell and Unity desktops, but simpler alternatives like Gnome flashback are available that emulate the look of the classic two toolbar Gnome desktop environment. This desktop pictured above is the Fedora Core Linux distribution. This is the […]

How to get information about your Linux services with systemd.

The systemd init system may be used to get information about your running services. Here I am getting information about the openvpn service. jason@eyjafjallajkull:~$ systemctl -a status openvpn.service ● openvpn.service – LSB: Openvpn VPN service Loaded: loaded (/etc/init.d/openvpn) Active: active (running) since Mon 2015-04-13 14:57:18 AEST; 5h 2min ago Docs: man:systemd-sysv-generator(8) CGroup: /system.slice/openvpn.service └─1719 /usr/sbin/openvpn […]

How to get the routing table of your network with Windows and Linux.

Showing the routing table in Linux is very useful when you are required to get information about a network. This is the output when retrieving the routing table in Windows 7. C:\Users\jason>route PRINT =========================================================================== Interface List 16…00 ff f0 18 9a f5 ……TAP-Windows Adapter V9 13…00 13 46 3a 02 83 ……Realtek RTL8139/810x Family Fast […]

Another way to get the IP address of your machine with the arp command.

This command will lookup the network adapter that you are using and return your network address. jason@eyjafjallajkull:~$ arp -n | grep : | awk ‘{print $1}’ This looks for the : character that is in the MAC address like this. jason@eyjafjallajkull:~$ arp -n Address HWtype HWaddress Flags Mask Iface ether c4:04:15:4d:44:24 C eth2 […]

Universal archive unpacker script for Linux. Easily unpack any archive with the terminal.

The unp script for Linux is a script that will detect what the archive is and call the appropriate program to handle it. This is a very useful script for the command line user. In the example below I am unpacking a zip file. jason@eyjafjallajkull:~/Downloads$ unp Archive: inflating: northwind.sql if the required programs […]

A good utility for finding all executables in a given path.

Finding all executables in a given path is easy if you use the lsx utility. Firstly install the required packages. jason@eyjafjallajkull:~$ sudo apt-get install suckless-tools [sudo] password for jason: Reading package lists… Done Building dependency tree Reading state information… Done Suggested packages: dwm stterm surf The following NEW packages will be installed: suckless-tools 0 to […]

How to force a re-boot or shutdown if the traditional commands will not work.

If your machine has errors with the hard disk and your machine has booted with a read-only filesystem, these commands can force your machine to either shutdown or reboot. Forced re-boot. echo 1 > /proc/sys/kernel/sysrq echo b > /proc/sysrq-trigger Forced shutdown. echo 1 > /proc/sys/kernel/sysrq echo o > /proc/sysrq-trigger Execute these commands at a root […]

How to do a SQL injection attack against Damn Vulnerable Web App.

Damn Vulnerable Web App is a PHP web application that is deliberately vulnerable. This is used to learn how to attack websites by exploiting various vulnerabilities in the software. In this example, I am showing you how to use a SQL injection to get information out of the database. This line of code will extract […]

Compile a Linux kernel the Ubuntu way.

What is the loopback address of your network interface?

The loopback address of the network interface, usually, is the address used by the operating system to access the network interface itself. This is represented in IPv6 as 0:0:0:0:0:0:0:1:/128 or ::1/128 when compressed. This gives the computer user a way to ping a network interface and verify that it is actually working. The ping6 […]

How to find files on the Linux filesystem.

The find command is very useful for locating files on your Linux filesystem. Below is an example of wildcards to locate files in the /boot directory. ubuntu@ip-172-31-20-16:~$ sudo find /boot -name "vm*" /boot/vmlinuz-3.13.0-44-generic Here I am searching the whole / filesystem for a set of files that end in *.log. ubuntu@ip-172-31-20-16:~$ sudo find / -name […]

How to leave a command running when your SSH session is disconnected.

If you want to leave a command running if you are disconnected from your SSH session, then the nohup command can come in handy. This is a good example, this will run the nmap scan and then logout the user. When you re-connect, it will still be running. nohup sudo nmap -A -T2 -P0 […]

How to use foremost to recover deleted files on a USB thumb drive with Kali Linux.

Below is a snippet of output from my Kali Linux session. I am trying to recover files from a USB thumb drive and I am having some success. root@kali:/home/root/Desktop/files# foremost /dev/sdb1 -v -o /home/root/Desktop/files/ Foremost version 1.5.7 by Jesse Kornblum, Kris Kendall, and Nick Mikus Audit File   Foremost started at Thu Mar 12 11:12:06 […]

How to use the runas command in Windows to elevate privileges.

The runas command in Windows allows a user to elevate their level of privileges to run a command as the Administrator user. The example below shows the usage of the runas command to open another cmd window as the Administrator user. C:\Users\mike\Documents\openvpn>runas /user:Scott\Dobbo cmd Enter the password for Scott\Dobbo: Attempting to start cmd as user […]